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Thrive not survive

Do you often feel stressed and exhausted?

Unable to accomplish the things in life most important to you? 

Plugged in but feel disconnected? 

Frustrated with your current lifestyle habits? 


Hi, I'm Kirsty

Using breakthrough coaching techniques and leading science wisdom, I help people to build awareness, gain knowledge, and empower action for a flourishing life. 


Learn to Flourish so that you can live a fuller life with energy, purpose and success. 


Awareness+knowledge+action= flourishing 

How I Can Help You!

1-1 Coaching with Kirsty 

Conversation with Purpose.

Maximize your potential and Flourish mindfully


Group Coaching

 Flourish with Kirsty

 Awareness | Education |

Monthly Check Ins

Awareness+knowledge+action= flourishing 


Kirsty is direct, strong, and nurturing all at the same time; allowing me to be fully present with myself and her.  I come away feeling empowered!

- Piari

Kirsty's group coaching and 1-1's are nothing but wonderful.  I had full confidence to discuss anything on my mind and things I thought stopped me from living my fullest life.  I have only great things to say and I can't thank Kirsty enough for all the guidance and care on topics I never knew I needed.  What a blessing to have been introduced to these sessions. 

Kirsty is a kind and caring listening ear. She comforting to speak to and has the tools to help you live a happy, focused life that aligns with your values. Her group sessions were a safe space to explore our inner thoughts and learn new things about ourselves. I really enjoyed it!

"I've been working with Kirsty for a little over 3 months now and she has led me to discover what my true values are in life, how to apply them and my approach to who and how I want to be in my life and career.  I've learnt so much about myself and Kirsty has been there every step of the way gently guiding and creating a wonderful space to grow and discuss.  I would have been quite lost over this period without these sessions.  Thank you Kirsty!" 

                 - Sebastian

Kirsty is a fantastic coach, she listens and asks pertinent questions to help you figure things out! She turns on the light in a world of darkness and helps you to focus and see things clearly. She helps you think outside the box and become more aware of your thought patterns and mindset tendencies.  She offers useful and applicable techniques to better handle situations that life will with out a doubt throw at you! 

                 - Kayleigh

Kirsty has an encouraging easy going way of helping me get things done... not things I "should be doing" but actually taking action steps towards my specific goals and dreams, helping me thrive. 

- Johnson

Kirsty was great at facilitating a safe space, even if I didn’t know the others on the group call. I felt like I could be honest when we shared our thoughts and discoveries even if mine were not inline with others and I had tension at particular moments . I learnt from what others shared also, how we travelled through a mindfulness exercise together but came out with different responses. Through different concepts and theories she presented. Kirsty helped us journey through sides of ourselves, habitual thought processes and outlooks on life to figure out how we could work towards living life with more fulfillment.

- Millie 

- Shannon 

- Chrissie


Say Yes to flourishing!

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