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About Kirsty


Hi, I'm Kirsty.  I am a human potential coach, Educator, and lifelong learner, ready and excited to help you flourish!  

Awareness + Knowledge + Action  =flourishing 

Hello and Welcome! 

I am really glad to share this moment of time with you. As you read through my website, my hope is that it gives you permission to stop and be for a moment, to ponder your own life. 

Let me share with you a quote by psychologist Dr Lynn Soots (1):

“Flourishing is the product of the pursuit and engagement of an authentic life, that brings inner joy and happiness through meeting goals, being connected with life’s passions, and relishing in accomplishments through the peaks and valleys of life.”

KIRSTY FULLER_Sep19-64[38669]

My Why...

Human potential and people flourishing have always been ideals I have had stirring within me, I don't think it is a coincidence that my maiden name is Fuller.  I have often pondered "What does a FULLER Kirsty look like?" 

The reality is I have not always felt like I am flourishing and FULL. I recognized I was really good at being a human doing, but being a human being was a little more tricky.


This quote really challenged me. I wasn't living a truly authentic life.  I felt stuck in connecting with my life's passions and purpose; consequently, finding the peaks and valleys of life very challenging. It was exhausting. 

Fortunately that is not the end of the story.  

I gave myself time to be; to become aware of what I was authentically thinking, feeling, believing, and reasons behind what I was "doing". 

I got myself a coach who held me accountable and was able to articulate patterns in my life that I was struggling to see. 

I tapped into my values and strengths;  one being the love of learning.  As a scientist, I love reading the latest research and have continued to be transformed by the latest knowledge in positive psychology and neuroscience. I challenged myself to take action, putting this theory into practice.

It is my delight to share this journey with you. 

My mission in life is to grow in self mastery with loving kindness so that I can live a FULLER life and help others do the same.

To be FULLY alive and FLOURISHING.

How can I help you flourish?

I welcome your company as we explore a life of flourishing together.

Certified Human Potential Coach

ACSTH training 


Certificate in Counselling (Quality Checked by NCS) and TA 101 Online –
The Official Introduction to Transactional Analysis


MSc Paediatric Exercise and Health (Distinction)


BSc (Hons) Exercise, Health and Nutrition (1st Class)


(1) Soots, L. (2015). Flourishing. Positive Psychology People. Retrieved from

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