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 "Rejuvenate your mind and body, and make yourself at HOME" 

Are there parts of your life, like a room in your house which if you opened the door and turned the light on would reveal a chaotic environment? 











This group coaching opportunity is for you if....

You enjoy learning the latest science wisdom on health and wellbeing. 

✅ You benefit from having accountability in making behavioural changes. 


✅ You are ready to take control and be the designer of your life rather than being lead by other people


✅ You find it hard to give self "me time" and want to address that. 


✅ You want to find more balance and happiness in your life. 


✅ You want to live life with energy, purpose, success and connection with self and others. 

✅ You are ready to commit and invest in yourself to live a FULLER flourishing life!

We will meet twice a month and each month we will be exploring a different room and area of your house: 


Kitchen (Energy Management and Nutrition)

Bedroom (Sleep Hygiene and Rest)

Bathroom (Self Care, Cleaning off Mental and Emotional Mess)

Dining Room (Social and Emotional Intelligence)

Playroom (Fun, Creativity, Playfulness)

Office/Study (Purpose, Our Why in Life)

Front Door (Boundaries and Work/Life Balance)

Nook (Practicing Solitude and Mindfulness)

Stairs and Hallways (Daily Movement and Fitness). 

Pictures on the walls (Values) 

We will start in the Garden. Reminding us of the foundations of FLOURISHING that we lay our house on. 



Awareness + Knowledge + Action = Flourishing



Each session we will cover 3 main ideas: 


Awareness: Recognising current patterns and habits. Practicing a time of mindfulness as a group. 


Knowledge: Learning the latest research and tools from leading psychologists and other behavioural scientists related to the topic of the month. 


Action: Each session you will be empowered to put that theory into practice, considering obstacles that might get in the way of your personal commitments, and making a plan of action to clean up your human house and make it your home.

For less than £1 a day, say yes to FLOURISHING!



















 "Come FLOURISH with me as you Rejuvenate your Mind and Body, and make yourself at HOME" 


love Kirsty 


"Come Join me in this journey of flourishing. 

Think of me like your personal Marie Kondo for your human house; your mind, body and spirit." 

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